Episode 8 | Interview with Mr. Tyronne Brackens. The CEO and founder of Train Your Success Academy.


In this episode, I interview the CEO of Train Your Success Academy. 

We mainly addressed the lack of mentorship for black men, development for young black men, having the entrepreneur spirit and how we can come together collectively.

Below is a brief BIO of Mr. Brackens accomplishments and business info. 

Tyrone Brackens is the CEO and Founder of Train Your Success Academy. He is also an Author, Podcaster, Mindset Coach and Business Consultant. He has extensive experience in the field of Business Administration. He recently published “Training Your SuccessHow to radically transform your life in 21 days or less”. He hails from Louisville, Kentucky, holds an MBA degree from Liberty University and is a strong advocate for Black Men, Community Development Projects, Education and Block Clubs. His Professional interests focus on Real Estate Investing, Film, Media, & Philanthropy. Tyrone Brackens is committed to identifying and meeting the needs of Young Black Entrepreneurs, through collaborative technology driven projects; and round table discussions that helps to improve the self-sufficiency of low-income black fathers

Social Handles

Website: https://linktr.ee/TrainYourSuccess Facebook Page: Train Your Success Facebook Group: Train Your Success Academy Instagram @trainyoursuccess

Twitter @trainyoursucces

Podcast: Train Your Success Academy is on Anchor /Apple Podcast /Google Podcast / Stitcher and Spotify



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