Traveling, relaxation, and rest. So you’re ready to do some traveling. Come join Kari and Andrea as they talk about their travel business. (ATB | Episode #11)

In this episode, I talk with two traveling business owners who are helping nurses find relaxation and rest with great travel deals. They also help you get the best out of your next travel adventure with group traveling and many other surprises.

Kari Sylvester is the founder of Chasing Adventures Together Travel Group aka CAT Travel Group and co-founder of 1015 Properties. I specialize in creating unique and once in lifetime travel opportunities. I offer 3 type unique services, group trips, surprise trips and mystery trips. Once I started to travel the world I would hear, I always wanted to go there, when you are going on another trip, or I can’t find no one to go with me and I realized there was a lot of people who wanted to travel, but didn’t want to travel alone, and that was how Chasing Adventures Together was formed.

Andrea Radford is a native of Memphis, TN but has made the Midwest her home for the last 20 years. She is an avid reader and a lover of travel. Her love for travel started as a young girl, and she has a never-ending bucket list. Andrea has always believed that nurses are the heartbeat of healthcare. Although her travel business started before the COVID pandemic, it was during the pandemic that she decided to cultivate travel experiences for hard working nurses. Nurses spend countless hours taking care of others, through RAD Nurses Travel experiences we are taking care of them. Our nurses will feel like royalty! They will be well taken care of. Everything is planned for them including lodging, activities, pampering, and transportation. All she has to do is pack her bags!
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