Apple podcast reviews.


Five stars
Feb 17, 2021

I listen to this podcast daily now. Apple makes it easy for all the podcasts you follow new episodes to be easily recognized which is great. I love how he talks about black women and, the podcast has substance.

Five stars
March 3, 2021

Good to listen to and really great subject areas. It’s refreshing to hear the positivity and knowledge being spread.

Five stars
March 31, 2021

This episode regarding the rights to images is really beneficial! Wow!
Such good information here

Five stars
May 30, 2021

Al Jones
The host and I had a great time chatting about a wide range of topics.
The conversation flowed well. Thanks again.

Five stars
Wed 8/18/2021

MRonnin PC
The topics, dialogue, and message of each podcast are one to be heard, shared, and repeated. Mr. Blackovation is dedicated to increasing the frequency and volume of the voices in our community. Not to mention his voice is one to be recognized and respected. If you are looking for a pod that creates a wave of change… you found it!