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  • Who wins in the battle of the black sexes? (ATB episode 22) Published 8/18/2021

This is a question that my guest and I explore on this episode of the All things black podcast. Michelle Ronin is the host and producer of the Relationships through the looking glass podcast and I invited her on the show to have a conversation about who really wins in the battle of the black sexes.  We talk about everything from trauma and competition between the black man and woman and why the battle is really not a battle that the black community should be fighting.  Join us as we try to answer the age old question of who wins in the battle of the black sexes.  ATB Linq Donate to the show Schedule your guest interview  Podcast audio training webinar Sign up before 9/1/2021. Guest info: Michelles Website

  • Black love and the must haves of a good relationship. (ATB episode 21) Published 8/4/2021

Amare and Amani are serial entrepreneurs and run several blackened business. Amare and Amani are serial entrepreneurs and run several black-owned businesses. They are a strong husband and wife team and understand the meaning of black love and what it takes to make black love, along with God, a central focus of their relationship. Both are motivational speakers and mentors, real estate investors, control multiple online stores, licensed life insurance producers and, licensed freight brokers.


IG Alkebulan Lifestyle

African/ Urban women and men’s apparel, accessories, health and beauty products

Freight broker site


Life Insurance


They can email or call 901 554 5444

  • Black boy arise (ATB episode 20) Published 6/30/2021

Trey Styles is a activist, writer, and author of the new novel black boy, arise. He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up in Detroit he encountered many obstacles as a young black man but fortunately he was able to persevere. His novel black boy, arise goes in depth about the countless ordeals he had to face. Styles worked as a youth counselor, financial aid officer, and is a professionally trained public administrator. He enjoys reading, writing, podcasting, and spending time with his family.






  • Black men and the need for a collective consciousness to help make change in the black community? (ATB Episode 19)

In this episode, I speak with three brilliant black men about the need for a collective consciousness among black men. 

Keith Hall, Tyronne Bracken, and Reamus Muhammad are black men making significant changes in the black community and I speak with them about the need for unity and the collectiveness and power of black men. 

Please check out this episode and listen to these three men lay out what it takes for black men to come into unity and have a collective consciousness. 

Keith Hall’s YouTube page ( Jotwiththefellas ) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsqv00LFAT3Avp9RdWJPv0g?app=desktop

Tyronne Bracken www.trainyoursuccess.com

Reamus Muhammad www.dareamcredit.com

   Questions asked during the episode. 

  1. Do black men need a collective consciousness to effectuate change in the black community?
  2. What are some of the reasons you think that black men don’t see the need to have that kind of mindset?
  3. What do you think are some of the fears that mainstream society has about a collective consciousness of black men working together?
  4. What do you believe will make black men come into that kind of mindset and what are you doing on an individual level to increase the awareness and need of a black male collective consciousness?
  5. How do you think seeing a collective consciousness in black will affect our sisters?

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  • Heaven needed a hero. The story of Ahmad Cobb as told by his mother Casey Langley. (ATB episode 18) Published 6/16/2021

Casey Langley, author of the book Heaven needed a hero inspired by true events is the mother of Ahmad Cobb. 

Ahmad was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer at the age of seven and two weeks before his ninth birthday he passed away. 

Casey’s story is one of joy, sorrow, pain, and perseverance as she and her family had to endure very trying times in the wake of her son’s battle with cancer. 

Please help the Langely family by purchasing a copy of her book and read about her advocacy to help children living with this dreaded disease.


  • My journey from bad to excellent credit with author and game developer Al Jones. (Episode 16) Published 6/2/2021

Who is Al Jones?

Al Jones is a personal finance author of the book, My Journey from Bad to Excellent Credit, and host of weekly online common sense advice column, Confessions from the Quarantine, Al Jones has had his challenges with credit. Financial mistakes and a case of identity theft tanked his score and led to many other issues. Jones knew something had to change. He started educating himself about credit repair and eventually raised his FICO® Score 8 credit rating to 850. He now wants to share his success with you. 

Al has developed a game called lyrics guru which you can find on the Apple store and Google play store and has been a participant on an episode of Shark Tank. 


Email: lightEyesMedia@gmail.com

  • Food, cooking, and being a black chef in the twin cities of Minneapolis Minnesota with chef Jahbri Merrit. (Episode 15) Published 5/27/2021

Jahbri Merritt is a Chef and entrepreneur out of Minneapolis Minnesota who serves up uniquely inspired African American dishes to the community of Minneapolis Minnesota. You can find out more about Jahbri Merritt on his social media pages and website. 



  • What does real diversity and inclusion look like? with Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis (Episode #14) Recorded 5/15/2021. Published 5/19/2021

Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis is an activist, sociologist and criminologist, educator, and researcher specializing in demographic-and-cultural variance, inclusion, and equity in every aspect of community resources, K-12 schools and colleges-universities, medical and health organizations and facilities, and reducing the dominance of police-court-penal system.

As founder of 365 Diversity, Dr. Dennis provides results-based programs, evaluations, and assessments for local, national, and international schools, businesses, and organizations that are ready to go beyond introductory trainings and make measurable and lasting changes.

Services provided are listed on the 365 Diversity website. https://365diversity.com

  • Do revolutionaries go to heaven? An interview with Taye Uhuru also known as Camp Cleveland. (ATB Episode #13) Published 4/21/2021.

Taye Uhuru (Tah-Yay Oo-Who-Roo) is a historian, archivist, genealogist, student of middle childhood education, and an independent hip-hop artist. The author has visited over 45 states and 60 countries. He has recorded and performed with musicians in the Netherlands, South Africa, Senegal, and several other countries. During his travels, he has studied abroad. In 2014 he studied in the Dominican Republic at Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE). While in the Dominican Republic, he studied Caribbean diseases, Dominican history, and culture. He also volunteered at Ama a Tu Projimo Orphanage, La Mina, and Centro El Café community centers. In 2016 he studied abroad in Brazil at Universidade do Sul de Santa Carina (UNISUL). There he studied Portuguese, Brazilian history, and Capoeira. Taye has also dedicated several years to working with people who have developmental disabilities and tutoring children. The author has also participated in fundraisers, food drives, and back-to-school give away’s for people in need in Cleveland, Haiti, the Philippines, Cape Verde, and other countries. He likes to spend time with his family, study different cultures, learn foreign languages, try new foods, read books, garden, and write music. Each year Taye takes groups of adults, middle school, high school, and college students on educational tours to Africa. His music videos “Blacker the Berry” featuring Charde Renee and “Do Revolutionaries Go to Heaven” are on YouTube. The Afro Set Black Nationalist Party for Self Defense is his first book.

Website: https://www.afroset.net

Music: Do Revolutionaries go to Heaven? https://youtu.be/vum2MDIRIss

The Blacker the Berry the Sweeter the Juice. https://youtu.be/vn-mjDjBvi4

  • He’s 16, an Entrepreneur with a clothing business. A two-time author, an inspirational and motivational speaker. (ATB Episode #12) Published 4/7/2021

Jordan Boyd is a young man with big dreams and aspirations. He’s a 16-year-old who runs his clothing brand and is a soon-to-be-two-time author. He is an inspirational and motivational speaker and wants to share his vision with you. GREAT IVY is his clothing brand. http://www.greativy.store

  • Traveling, relaxation, and rest. So you’re ready to do some traveling. Come join Kari and Andrea as they talk about their travel business. (ATB | Episode #11) Published 3/31/2021
Kari Sylvester
Andrea Radford

Two traveling business owners who are helping nurses find relaxation and rest with great travel deals. They also help you get the best out of your next travel adventure with group traveling and many other surprises. Kari Sylvester is the founder of Chasing Adventures Together Travel Group aka CAT Travel Group and co-founder of 1015 Properties. I specialize in creating unique and once in lifetime travel opportunities. I offer 3 type unique services, group trips, surprise trips and mystery trips. Once I started to travel the world I would hear, I always wanted to go there, when you are going on another trip, or I can’t find no one to go with me and I realized there was a lot of people who wanted to travel, but didn’t want to travel alone, and that was how Chasing Adventures Together was formed. Andrea Radford is a native of Memphis, TN but has made the Midwest her home for the last 20 years. She is an avid reader and a lover of travel. Her love for travel started as a young girl, and she has a never-ending bucket list. Andrea has always believed that nurses are the heartbeat of healthcare. Although her travel business started before the COVID pandemic, it was during the pandemic that she decided to cultivate travel experiences for hard working nurses. Nurses spend countless hours taking care of others, through RAD Nurses Travel experiences we are taking care of them. Our nurses will feel like royalty! They will be well taken care of. Everything is planned for them including lodging, activities, pampering, and transportation. All she has to do is pack her bags!

  • What is Generational and Dynastic wealth creation? with Professor LaTanya White. (ATB | Episode #10) Published 3/24/2021

Professor LaTanya White is an entrepreneurship educator, Certified Business Analyst, and Dynastic Wealth™ Building strategist for Black entrepreneurs. Professor White helps Black families understand how to overcome historic economic oppression through entrepreneurship. When we know this, we can create AND transfer wealth down the generational chain for at least three generations. Text “podcast” to 850-306-4745 to get free access to the tools that WE need to make sure so our grandchildren’s grandchildren don’t have to worry about money! All Things Black Podcast listeners can take advantage of FREE membership to Professor White’s Dynastic Wealth ™ Builders community- just click https://dynasticwealthbuilders.mn.co/plans/123586?bundle_token=ce51244179d164b85e0a9b0d42f99f70&utm_source=manual!


  • Who owns the rights to your images when you hire a photographer with Milton Lawrence Jr. (ATB | Episode #9) Published 3/17/2021

Milton Lawrence, Jr. Thought Leader. Disruptor. Creative Influencer. Visionary.

All characteristics of the genius that is a renowned international lifestyle photographer and cinematographer, who has amassed over a decade of experience capturing the beauty and humanity of life through a single lens. He is the founder of the game-changing Milton Lawrence Creative Agency, which has quickly become the go-to solution for visual branding and storytelling.

His evolution in business has taken him from nightclubs and weddings to being one of the industry’s most sought-after experts in lifestyle, commercial and product photography. He has had the pleasure of serving companies like AT&T, CNN, the National Museum of American History, Ernst & Young, Northrop Grumman, the National Press Club, Inovalon, The Ritz Carlton, the National Society of Black Engineers, Yahoo! and  Visa. Also, his work has been featured in ESSENCE, MunaLuchi Bride, The Knot, Black Enterprise and the TODAY show.

As a content creator, Milton is the host of the Wedding Safari Podcast, where he explores industry best practices as well as tips and strategies that help to grow and sustain wedding businesses. He is also a filmmaker and visionary behind  Will You Marry Me?, a compelling docu-series that unveils authentic insight into the thoughts, actions and defining moments that inspire men to pop the “big question.”Will You Marry Me? is now entering its third season.

As a philanthropist, Milton is the founder of Lyfesavers, a non-profit initiative that gives cancer patients the chance to revel in beauty with a full makeover and professional photo shoot. The initiative also presents a web series where cancer survivors share their stories and express authentic, transparent feelings on their journey of healing.

As an educator and speaker, Milton proves his impact goes beyond the camera by traveling the world presenting workshops and delivering keynotes filled with sound advice and messages of hope, inspiration and calls-to-action for living in and on purpose.

He’s come a long way, but Milton understands his journey is far from over. His voyage to greater success is motivated by the desire to be an example to his children as someone who is able to live freely doing what he loves – traveling and creating innovative visual experiences that inspire and change the world!

To learn more about Milton Lawrence, Jr. and the Milton Lawrence Creative Agency, visit http://www.MiltonLawrenceCreativeAgency.com and follow on social media @MiltonLawrenceContent on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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